Best 800 Dollar Gaming PC - ULTRA 1080p, 60FPS! (Oct 2018)

Adrian B Updated on Oct 08, 2018

If you want the best gaming computer to play all your favorite games at Ultra settings + 1080p + 60 FPS under $800 you can’t even think about buying a pre-built computer.

You MUST find the best components that fit the budget and build the PC yourself. And this applies to any budget build!

Building your own custom desktop computer can be overwhelming but don’t fear. Here you will find all the resources you will ever need to build an awesome 800 dollar gaming PC.

Best $800 Gaming PC Builds

I put the builds here so you can easily navigate to them in case you already know what you want.

For those whose aren’t 100% sure about what to choose between Intel and AMD, keep reading!

Intel Or AMD? What To Choose?

Up until recently, choosing between the two giants to get the core parts of a gaming pc (CPU + Motherboard) was a no-brainer: Intel had better prices and better performance.

But then, at the beginning of 2017, AMD released the Ryzen processors family and they changed the game radically.

That’s a really good thing. Intel was getting too comfortable in his dominant position and we know what happens in this kind of situations: Intal has been a little lazy and less aggressive in their technical achievements causing some sort of stagnated growth.

I’ve decided to create two separate builds for each Budget Build, so you have more options to choose from based on your personal preferences

Now, the market has revitalized, AMD is pushing hard and Intel is trying to take back his omnipotent position.

So, where are we now? We have plenty to choose from, really good options to build awesome gaming computers with either AMD or Intel CPUs, that’s why I’ve decided to create two separate builds for each Budget Build, one for each CPU brand, so you can compare them and chose the one you feel more in love with.

Intel i5 VS Ryzen 5

In order to get a real perspective of what each CPU can do, I’ve prepared a couple of tables with some critical information of both processors families.

Intel Core i3-8350K

Intel Core i3-8350Klaunch

chevron_right4 cores (4 threads) at 4 GHz
chevron_rightSocket LGA-1151
chevron_rightUHD Graphics 630
chevron_rightCPU Coffee Lake
chevron_right91 W
Market Price: $169.00
Available on:
Amazon USA
AMD Ryzen 5 1500X

AMD Ryzen 5 1500Xlaunch

chevron_right4 cores (8 threads) at 3.5GHz
chevron_rightSocket AM4
chevron_rightCPU Ryzen
chevron_right65 W
Market Price: $144.89
Available on:
Amazon USA

Technical Specifications

So, we will start taking a look at the basics: the technical specs. What differences can you see at first glance?

Note: for the $800 build, we are mainly concerned about the i3-8350K and the Ryzen 5 1500x. I’ve added the other two processors to the tables to show you a more global image of the different CPU families.

Ryzen 5 VS Coffee Lake i5 - Technical Specifications
Ryzen 5 1500X
Intel Core i3-8350K
Ryzen 5 1600
Intel Core i5-8400
Base Clock
3.5 GHz
4.0 GHz
3.2 GHz
2.8 GHz
Boost Clock
3.7 GHz
3.6 GHz
4.0 GHz
Total Cache
16 MB
8 MB
16 MB
9 MB
65 W
91 W
65 W
65 W

And last but not least… prices are very similar, although it’s easy to find the Ryzen models cheaper than Intel’s.

Due to the higher number of threads, Ryzen CPUs are especially recommended for multi-core applications, such as video editing, deep learning, graphic design, … but will it be also better for gaming?

Ryzen Pros

  • Ryzen 5 doubles up the number of threads of the Coffee Lake CPUs
  • All ryzen models can be easily overclocked
  • Boost frequencies and higher L3 cache
  • In the long term, games will make use of the extra 4 threads (future proofing)

Intel Pros

  • The performance per core is higher
  • Best performance in older games and most of the current games

Gaming Benchmarks

We’ve seen that the Ryzen 5 CPUs offer more bang for the buck than Coffee Lake’s i5. But we still have one question to answer: how do they perform on some of the most popular games?

Here you will find some game benchmarks tested with the following settings:

  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
  • RAM: 16 GB 3600 MHz DDR4
  • Graphics quality: 1080p, Ultra
Ryzen 3 VS Coffe Lake i3 - Games Benchmark (Avg. FPS)
Ryzen 3 2200G
Intel Core i3-8100
Ryzen 3 2400G
Intel Core i3 8350K
Battlefield 1
Assassins Creed Origins
The Witcher 3
Watch Dogs 2


As you can see in the image (blue and orange bars) the difference is really small: in some games, the i3 8350K performs better, in other games the 1500X does.


But the thing here is that Ryzen is a little bit cheaper and offers a more rounded experience, it’s a better future-proof investment and it performs at least as good as its Intel direct rival.

My Recommendation

With all the previous data in mind, you should now have a clear idea of what type of build you want.

It’s pretty clear to me that the wise decision would be to go for the Ryzen build, but the difference is really small and if you have a personal preference for Intel products, then it’s completely fine to go that way.

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