No GPUs, Expensive RAM but... Ryzen CPUs Cheaper Than Ever!

Adrian B Published on Jan 25, 2018

What’s Happening With GPU’s

I’ve been waiting the whole month of January to see any GPU restock with no luck.

Cryptofuckers have forced a situation (again) where either there is no GPU stock or the prices hikes higher and higher prices. Last week, I saw a plain GTX 1060 6GB for $600!! (initial price was around $270)

What About RAM Prices?

DDR4 RAM modules have reached the same price as when they were first released back in 2014. And it seems we’ll still have to wait a couple of months minimum before seeing the prices heading down again.


As you can see in the image, prices have been steadily rising since mid-2016, from ~$40 to $120 for a pack of two 4GB DDR4 2133 Mhz modules. That’s crazy!

DDR4 RAM prices has tripled in only one and a half years reaching 2014 levels

So, while we wait for a price drop, all we can do is try to find good deals on local stores or little online retailers, avoiding the big ones like Amazon or Newegg.

Good News: Ryzen CPUs Prices

As the post title says, Ryzen CPUs prices have slightly dropped since AMD is about to announce the next Ryzen generation.

What does that mean? As soon as the Ryzen 2 CPUs hit the market (April 2018), the current generation will disappear from the market.

This is actually the common update strategy of AMD to get sell as much stock of the previous generation as possible before removing them from the stores.


As far as I know, the new Ryzen 2 processors will not represent a big breakthrough, so if you are thinking about building a Ryzen-based gaming pc, this is the moment to, at least, buy the CPU.

Here are the CPUs that I’m using for some budget builds so you can see how the prices differ between Intel/AMD models with similar performance level:

  • $500 and $600: i3-7100 ($117) vs Ryzen 1200 ($100)
  • $800: i5-7500 ($202) vs Ryzen 1500X ($174)
  • $1000: i3-8350K ($170) vs Ryzen 1600X ($220) –> not a good option here

In case you are wondering, Ryzen CPUs are the best choice for the $500, $600 and $800 builds. From there (+$1000 builds), the new Intel’s Coffe Lake CPUs provide a better price/performance option.

If you have any question make sure to read the budget builds posts to learn the details about using Intel or AMD processors or just leave a comment down below.

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