Why Our Builds Are So Awesome?


Constantly Updated

All our builds are updated at least once a month to ensure that you are gettin the LATEST components available on the market


No Bottlenecks

All the builds have been carefully designed to experience the best performance out of the CPU and GPU


Any Budget

There are builds for any budget, starting as low as $400 for an entry-level gaming computer, and as high as $2500 for a 4K beast


Get Help From The Experts

Do you have any question? You will have an answer within the next 24 hours!


Save Time

Avoid wasting your valuable time trying to find out what CPU is best for each GPU, what motherboard you should buy, how many RAM...


Save Money

All our optimized builds are designed as a whole package. Forget about upgrading your computer in at least 2+ years!

Some of Our Most Popular Gaming Builds


Intel i3-7100

Featuring 2 cores (4 threads) at 3.9 GHz, it is powerful enough to run all your games at High settings.


GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

This powerful GPU will allow you play all the current games at 1080p, High settings and stable 30 FPS.



Better than PS4 Pro thanks to its powerful GPU! Enjoy true 1080p graphics with this awesome Gaming PC for 500$. More details here


Intel i5-7500

The best non-overclocking i5 processor, featuring 4 cores (4 threads) at 3.4 GHz, will let you play your games at Ultra settings.


GTX 1060 6GB

Running at 1544 MHz / 1759 MHz in OC Mode, this GPU is as powerful as the GTX 980, so you can expect to play all latest games with max settings at 1080p and 60 FPS.



Ultra settings, 1080p and stable 60 FPS in ALL current games! This is the preferred build for those who want to enjoy the best Full HD gaming experience without expending too much.